What are the biggest mistakes to avoid when planning an event? How much does it cost to hire entertainers for a corporate event? What are some ideas for corporate entertainment events?

Live Entertainment Agency MapMyEvent recommends: Choosing the right entertainers or live music for the corporate event or party can be very overwhelming. There are tons of entertainment agencies, even more music options and entertainers, so how can you choose right one?  Here are a few tips to help navigate the endless sea of entertainment options on any budget.

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Book live entertainment in advance.

Once you confirm dates for your event and have a venue, the next thing you should do is book your entertainers. i.e. music band, dancers, performers, etc. By booking in advance- we recommend 3 months before your event- you can normally save up to 30% by booking in advance. At Christmas you might even have to pay double the cost you normally would, if you book last minute, as it is an especially busy time. As such, we recommend to start planning the office Christmas party, for example, in late August. Booking your entertainment and venue early also avoids unnecessary hassle during the holiday season. If you are planning a private party or a wedding it’s smart to book live entertainment 2 – 3 months in advance.

Live Entertainment Prices

As the prices of the entertainment are varied, you can hire a band from £500 up to £10.000. Factors that influence price include number of performers in the group, how famous they are, availability etc. If you are planning a private party or anniversary and you want  to hire a jazz band such as a string quartet or duo act you should expect to pay between £300 – £500. If you are organizing a massive corporate party and aim the to keep the dance floor full all night you will need £1300 to £2500 to hire a band.

How to choose entertainment? Corporate entertainment ideas

For a memorable evening with seamless organisation we would recommend planning as many details as you can, such as the experience your first guest has upon entering the party, to the the last song played by the band or Dj. For example, many companies hire a mime to meet and greet guests. This initial interaction creates a warm and light-hearted atmosphere, no matter what headspace guests might bring. After a nice dinner you will want to dance and keep the energy high so we recommend a party band. You can even set your playlist in advance to make sure you dance to your favourite songs. Usually, a band plays two sets of 45 -60 minutes with a short break. Last, but not least you will want a Dj to keep the party going all night. These three pieces of entertainment are fundamental for a successful party, no matter the occasion.  If you like one stop shopping, you can find special offers like Christmas Party Basket which includes 3 pieces of entertainment: Performer+Band+Dj. You can choose between a mime, magician, dancers or circus artists for the performer, as well as a wide range of bands with varying styles and sets. The Christmas Party Basket costs 2500£. The Christmas Party Basket saves money, time and is hassle free.  

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The biggest mistakes organizing an event

No matter if it is your first or upteenth time organising a party, there are things you should  consider when you are planning your event. These factors will not only give you peace of mind, but guarantee that your wedding day, anniversary or birthday is very special. Of equal importance, these are: technical issues, weather, venue logistics and special permissions.  

1. Quality sound


Make sure the sound for your event is of high calibre. Weather you are planning wedding or private party, conference, graduation party or anything else, you will be playing music and possibly speaking and the sound is a crucial factor for a successful event.  Check out this sound service provider, where you will find quality and affordable prices. You will also want to make sure that performers you hired have the respective adaptors and plugs, which is something which MapMyEvent will help.

2. Weather

When in the UK, always have a plan B for bad weather. If you are considering having your office party or wedding outdoors, you should prepare a back up plan. Activities and entertainment can easily be shifted indoors if you plan for it and in addition to performers you can offer team building games, a dance class, karaoke or even a beer pong tournament!

3. Venue and location.

Choosing the right location for an event is a very important part of the planning process, as the venue may require bespoke transportation or parking as well as have particular needs for food and decor delivery. Make sure you gather these details when you are chosing a venue. Think about the details such as where performers will change, if there enough space to set up a kitchen, etc. If you are looking for a party venue we recommend checking out this website. All in one place, you can choose from hundreds of venues across the UK.  

4. Permissions.

Every party or event is unique and requires special planning. Particular technical requirements, such as loud sounds or fireworks, will necessitate liaison with local authorities. Likewise, an animal themed party may also dictates extra budgets for permissions and additional members of staff.

Sometimes you will need special permissions to organise a party, so don’t forget about this and remember health and safety is first!

Recap: Plan early, know the details and save money! See you on the dance floor!