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David about his work: I have developed a body of work in photography which is based on meticulous composition on one hand, and storytelling on the other. I’m just at ease with panoramic/wide angle shots of a scene, as I am with up-close/intimate shots of the subjects. In my work, I pursue the “decisive moment” – that very rare moment in which your shutter captures beauty, humour, warmth, drama, excitement…which makes a picture truly one-of-a-kind. You want someone to take “arty” shots to make great backdrops for venues? I can do that. You need a photographer who can take pictures of many different facets of an event? I’m here for you! You want someone to create images on the more avant-garde/experimental/stylised side ? Let’s talk about it!

Oh, and I also have 5 years of experience as a short film director. I have worked across different genres, from comedy to thriller.


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