Looking something special for wedding or divorce party?

Special entertainment offers

MapMyEvent created special packages “The Party Basket” and “The Secret Crasher” . If you are planning wedding or corporate party  “The Party Basket” should be your choise.  “The Secret Crasher” is another MapMyEvent product. It’s a surprise entertainment. A perfect present for birthday, anniversary or divorce party!

Grab a Christmas Party Basket!

The Christmas Party Basket is a special offer for corporate, wedding or Christmas parties. You can select three entertainment acts and combine these according to your needs. The party basket consists of a performer (mime, magician, comedian, circus artist or dancer etc.) + Function Music band + Dj.  Maybe your party will involve some kids, so a clown or kid´s entertainer is a perfect complement to the music band for the adults. The Party Basket gives you 3 products in 1 easy package! Pay £2500 to save money and time!


Whether you are looking entertainment for wedding or something original for divorce party​​

Here at MapMyEvent we have a new product called the SECRET CRASHER. A Secret Crasher  – mime, disco bunny or singing waiter who makes surprise appearances in offices around London. It’s a perfect entertainment for a gray London day and will liven up a regular tuesday or a special occasion. If you are looking for unusual way to surprise your business partners, or celebrate a colleague’s birthday, or any treat for all staff, the Secret Crasher is what you need. It’s an effective and unique way to send a big Thank you or Congratulations for those about whom you really care, and make them feel very special!